Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I Do Like To Be Beside The Sea

I'm very lucky to live just a few miles from the coast, and met my parents for a fish and chip dinner this evening on Poole Quay (we can highly recommend Harlees). It was lush sitting on the quay, watching the boats, and eating some really yummy food!

Now, this isn't a completely random post. Sitting by the sea reminded me of a pattern that I really want to make, from Simply Crochet's issue 20 - Emma Varnam's beach hut doorstep.

© Emma Varnam

It's such a cute pattern and I really want to make one for our upstairs bedroom, at some point (I'm dying to go with a nautical theme up there, when we get a chance to decorate) so this would fit in so perfectly! It's definitely one of my favourite patterns to have stumbled upon in recent times! Can't wait to make one for myself.

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