Friday, 9 May 2014

It's Been A While!

Hi guys! My first post in over a month - I've been ridiculously busy and haven't had the chance to update, so here I am...finally!

Why have I been so busy? I've been putting in a lot of overtime at work lately, and I've been packing all of my things ready to move in with Dave - which happened on Sunday! Since moving in, lots has happened - I completely decorated our bedroom, planted some seeds, and we made pulled pork for the first time!

The bedroom looks really fantastic now that it's finished. We started a base coat of white, on Sunday when I arrived in the morning. I then did the next two coats of colour (Natural Calico by Dulux) on Monday, and finished the gloss on the windowsill and skirting boards on Tuesday.

Managed to get through 2 rolls of Frog Tape, and lots of elbow grease. The result looks fab though, and although this isn't the best picture, here is our new bedroom with all of it's lovely new oak furnishings!

The photo makes it look cramped, but it really isn't!

So, all we need to add now is maybe some artwork, and a lamp or something in the corner by the window (right of where this pic was taken from). I love the rustic country look!

Like I said in my intro, we also ventured into the land of slow cooking this week as well, and made ourselves some pulled pork for the first time! We used a recipe from 100 Days of Real Food, and the only change we made was that we cooked it for longer. Otherwise, the recipe itself was absolutely gorgeous!

There's our process from start to finish! I got to use my gorgeous new Joseph Joseph measuring bowls (a lovely birthday gift from my parents) and Dave also got to try out one of my birthday gifts that I gave him - Bear Paws. I bought them mainly as a joke, as we have been saying for ages that we wanted to give pulled pork ago. I must be one of the only people on the planet, to have actually googled "Pulled Pork Gifts", and managed to stumble across the paws - neat eh? They are basically plastic claws, and you can use them for pulled pork, BBQ-ing, and lifting meat out of roasting dishes etc. Actually pretty nifty things, and we were both quite impressed with them! The pork was yummy though, and we ate it twice for lunch (in some tiger bread rolls) and once for dinner with some fried new potatoes and salad. I forgot to mention that we mixed our finished pork with a little Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, for extra scrumminess!

So that's what I've been up to this last week. As for the other month of my absence, I have no real excuse aside from busyness, so please forgive me! More crochet coming atcha soon!