Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year, and the big 200

Happy New Year everyone! Did you all have a good Christmas? I hope Santa was kind to you and brought you everything you wished for! I was totally spoilt this year and was given so many lovely things. Dave gave me a beautiful necklace, and I also received two fantastic crochet books!

I can't wait to start on these!

It was a really lovely festive season, filled with family and friends. I couldn't really have asked for more! And in addition to all of the festive spirit, I also received and accepted a job offer as a photographer - what a great Christmas present! We saw the New Year in with some good friends, and had a lovely evening of curry and board games.

A lovely picture, until I realised I cut off Rich's head xD

My New Year has gotten off to a good start! This afternoon, I reached the 200 mark for the blanket I am making for Dave. Which means that I can update my counter!

So just 161 squares left to make until I reach my target of 361. It seems within reach, now I have passed 200; I don't know why it makes a difference! Anyway, I have just started a new ball of light blue, so when that is finished I can start joining more rows. The blanket currently sits at 7x19 in size, so I should be able to add another couple on to that, and get myself past the halfway mark on the construction front! I have so many patterns that I am eager to make at the moment - hopefully 2014 will be an excellent year on the crochet front!

What are you all intending to make this year?

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