Sunday, 15 December 2013

Christmas Time

The tree is now up, at home! Everything is looking festive, and although we have a few decorations still to put up, our tree is in pride of place in our dining room!

I love putting up the Christmas tree each year. It's one of my favourite parts of Christmas, and the best part is putting all of the presents underneath. Shockingly, all of the ones in this picture are gifts from me to others, so there are still yet to be even more presents going underneath! It looks fab though!

Each year, we go with a gold theme at home, and loads of the decorations of recycled and have been gifted to us from family and friends. There seems to be more on it every single year! The tree itself is older than me (so at least 24 years old) and was bought by my parents for about £40 at the time. Each year another branch falls off and gets stuck back on, but that's all part of Christmas for me! It's funny how you have those little things that make it special.

The other thing that I have yet to actually share with you all (very unusual for me) is my 2013 Christmas gift wrapping! This year I've opted for red and white, and something more fun and casual than last year. As always I have gone with paper from Paperchase, who seriously make the best wrapping paper ever, and then scanned the internet and local shops for embellishments!

Christmas 2013!

As I've already said, the paper came from Paperchase, and I fell in love with it the second I saw it. I already knew that I wanted to go with a red and white theme this year but wasn't quite sure how I'd go about it. This paper really jumped out at me though and I just had to use it. I originally wanted some glittered ribbon, but that came to a disgusting amount of money, so in the end settled for some plain white organza, which I bought from Ribbon Oasis, as recommended by a friend. In all honesty, in hindsight I do think the glittered stuff would have been a bit much and I do like how simple this looks overall. Gift tags are hessian with white felt stars, and came from John Lewis! And you can't really see it too well in this picture, but each present has a candy cane - I bought mine from Mr Simm's Olde Sweet Shoppe, but you can get them all over the place at this time of year! So that's how Christmas is looking for me at the moment!

Candy Canes!

In the next few days we will put up our Christmas cards, as well as some of the cross-stitch samplers that my Mum has made over the years. We also always decorate our fireplace with holly and fairy lights, but will do that nearer the time so that the holly looks fresh. All in all, we are ready to rock!

Everything looked lovely lit up last night. I can now kick back, relax, and enjoy the lead up to the big day! What are you all doing to prepare for Christmas?

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