Thursday, 5 December 2013

165 Squares

I have only made 15 squares in the last month, which is actually quite shameful. But I am back on track and getting into the rhythm of things again.

I am very nearly at the halfway point, which feels good! And, at the moment I am focused on building up my stockpile of squares again, before starting to join more into the blanket, which at present is 19x7 in size (finished will be 19x19). It shouldn't take me too long to get a good backlog of squares together though - I have already replenished the orange pile and started back on yellows (orange, yellow and red were the most depleted squares after my last joining session), so I'm making steady work of it. I'm just so looking forward to seeing it finished and in it's full glory! 196 squares left to go...

Why have I been so rubbish in my square making? I've been super concentrated on Christmas. All of my presents have been wrapped and are ready to rock! It's a really good feeling knowing that all I have to do is write and send my Christmas cards, which I will do next week. So despite the fact that I have done far less blanket work than I would have liked during my time off, I have still been productive in other ways!

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