Thursday, 14 November 2013

How To Stash With Style

So, I was browsing Facebook earlier and saw that the fabulous Twinkie Chan had posted up a picture of her craft room, and absolutely love the way she has all her yarn both on display and to hand for projects!

© Twinkie Chan

It's got me thinking about how awesome it must be to have a room dedicated to your crafting (I can only dream!) and also, really brought it to my attention how great the yarn all looks out in the open, in her shelving! And there are so many ways you can keep your yarn, and make it a real centre piece to a room, as well as functional and practical!

© Knit Today

I'm loving this crate storage idea from Knit Today, which comes from a whole selection of storage methods in this blog post! Not only do I love the colour sorting, but the recycled crates are such a fantastic way to keep everything in order, and they are readily available from charity shops and/or online (search "wine crate" on eBay for loads of fab results).

© Leethal

Lee, from has a brilliant tutorial on her amazing blog, showing you how to use recycled coffee tins as a solution to yarn storage. They are even wall mounted, and you could cover them to fit in with any decor you fancied! I love the effect of this, and you could make the display as large or small as you like. Check out the original blog post here for a really interesting read.

© Prudentbaby

This wine rack by Prudentbaby makes a really gorgeous statement, and is a method that I'd have never even considered. It's a mixture of stylish, functional and plain funky, which I absolutely love. The black exterior makes all of the yarn colours really pop, and I also like the fact that there are drawers for additional storage - mine would be full to the brim with ribbon, buttons, and loads of other embellishments, along with all of my hooks! Another great thing about this storage method, is that if you ever do decide that you no longer want to crochet/knit (how, I have no idea) it's easy to revert back to filling it with all of your wine - it's a win win situation!

© Knits For Life

Now this one is really nifty! "The World's Best Yarn Storage Idea" does exactly what it says on the tin, and has a beautiful outcome, which must also function well as room insulation for the winter months! Lorna from Knits For Life explains how she created this amazing wall of yarn, and all you need is a yarn winder, lengths of peg board to fit your desired space, and hooks. You can even add extra attachments to hold all of your crafting bits and bobs! What I really love about this idea is the fact that it takes up next to no space in your room. You have an art feature and storage system all in one, and it's definitely quite breath-taking to look at!

© Wood & Wool Stool

Finally, here's an excellent way to use an existing cupboard space, allowing you to shut everything away after you've finished stash diving! Like the first suggestion, this is a great way to organise all of your colours, or yarn types, and if you have someone that is less of a yarn addict in the house, you simply shut the door and they need never know it exists!

I hope you've enjoyed reading as much as I've enjoyed looking up these great ideas. I am ashamed to say that my yarn stash currently resides in a bin bag and seriously needs some TLC, as there are some massive tangles going on in there. Maybe one day I can implement one of these awesome ideas!

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