Wednesday, 18 September 2013

60-something Squares

I am making excellent progress with my newest project but haven't had much chance to talk about it yet, due to restricted internet access. However, in the brief period that I can now spend connected to the world, I am happy to share with you my 67 squares!

Square eyes?

Now, I know there are only 66 in the picture, but I finished another light blue one after taking this photo.

This pattern comes from Simply Crochet Magazine, and is designed as a baby blanket; however I want to make this up to double duvet size. It's going to come to approximately 361 squares in total, so I'm about a 6th of the way there!

Hopefully I will have the first batch of light blue finished by the end of my shift later, and then I can repeat the process all over again, with my new yarn. It's quite a task though!

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