Tuesday, 27 August 2013

'Tis the Season

No, not that season, although I will openly admit that I'm already planning for a certain holiday in December. Instead, I am referring to a season of birthdays. Therefore, I have been a bit of gift wrapping recently and wanted to share the joy.

Those who know me well, will be aware of how obsessive I can be about getting gift wrapping just right - it literally is an obsession and I will go out of my way to achieve the look I want for a gift. I don't like using gift bags, unless I fill them with shredded tissue and add extra things to them. For me, it's all about the wrapping paper. I could (and frequently do) spend hours looking at gift wrap. It's an addiction! I do always struggle to find wrapping paper that I feel is suitable for men though. My task was to wrap a present for Dave's Dad; a very outdoorsy, gardening person, who was to receive a gardening gift. As much as I love shops like Clinton Cards, I also really like trying to visit independent stores, and although you do tend to spend a little more in them, the quality is far superior. You also come away with something a lot more unique and special.

So I went to one of my favourite local gift shops, Magpie, on a hunt for suitable paper. I was not disappointed, when I stumbled upon sheets of "Birdsong", by the very talented Madeleine Floyd!


The paper is actually double sided; side two being the eggs of the featured British birds. It's absolutely adorable! I coupled this beautiful paper with some sandy raffia, to keep with the garden theme, and added a handmade "With Love" label that I purchased in a set from eBay last year.

Rustic wrapping

I was really pleased with the finished wrap. The paper was so thick and such amazing quality, and I'm definitely now craving more!

Today I have wrapped gifts for Dave's Mum, as her birthday is in a couple of weeks time. Again, I revisited Magpie for my gift wrapping needs, and came out with two sheets of Cath Kidston floral paper and some lovely red wired ribbon! The result, was as follows...

Happy cheery red ribbon!

In my opinion, the ribbon really makes these special. The paper is pretty (I'm not the biggest Cath Kidston fan, I must admit) and like the Birdsong paper, is also double sided, with the back showing the same design on a white background (bottom gift). I really liked the blue though. The ribbon came on quite a large reel and I have a bit left, so can use that up at some point in the future too! I'm thrilled with the finished look for these gifts though.

I now, unfortunately, don't have any birthdays to cater for until December! I suppose it gives me plenty of time to focus on how I'll wrap my Christmas gifts (I randomly came up with that idea in bed a few nights ago!). I'm pleased my Summer birthday wrapping looks so pretty though.

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