Thursday, 6 June 2013

Paton's 100% Cotton DK

I have just embarked on my first project using 100% cotton yarn. Now I am wondering why I have never done it before, because it's an absolute joy to work with! The weight is amazing, the texture is lovely, and the brand I am using comes in some awesome colours.


Well, I say "brand", but I am actually combining two different ones, mainly because the store I visited didn't stock the colours I wanted for my project. The larger skeins of yarn are Paton's 100% Cotton DK, in 100g balls. I have since had an extra cream, and four more colours delivered. The balls underneath are Rico Design Essentials Cotton DK, and are 50g each. These came in much brighter colours, and I particularly loved the yellow and blue, and thought they would set off the other colours well.

One down, forty eight to go!

So what am I making. It's another blanket from my Melody Griffiths book, and is titled Roses & Daisies Throw. At the moment I am working on the rose squares, and currently have 9/49 finished. Then it'll be on to the daisies, for another 50 squares. At this point I will decide whether or not I would like to expand the finished blanket even more, or whether to keep it at it's original dminesions.

I'm having a lot of fun with this pattern so far. It was a little fiddly and difficult to grasp at first, because I'm not used to crocheting this kind of thing. Thankfully, I soon got over it and have really gotten myself into a rhythm now! Now I jus have to keep my fingers crossed that it all stitches up ok!

More pictures soon!

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