Tuesday, 25 June 2013


The next phase has begun. Actually, it's been restarted. My first daisy square came up a bit bigger than my roses, so I've adjusted my tension and come up with something that now fits. I always struggle with tensions. I think it's due to having worked tightly with amigurumi for so many years, that now I find it difficult to gauge what I need to do. The new squares look lovely though!

Seven summery daisies

The colours of these will steer away from the pinks of the roses, although I've decided that I will still include a few pink centres, just for variety as much as anything else. I want to get lots of yellow, orange and red in there, and make them really funky where I can! So, I am now 7 down and have 43 to go. Now going to see how many I can finish this afternoon, before meeting my friend Kirsty for dinner!

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