Sunday, 19 May 2013


I've always had a real passion for sunsets. It's the most beautiful time of day, and every one is completely different!

As I drove to work last night, I could see nice light conditions developing and was gutted that I didn't have my "proper" camera, and also that I wasn't going anywhere worth photographing. Alas, whilst sat outside work waiting for the start of my shift, I took six pictures, depicting the changing light, over a course of just over 10mins. The colours that the sky produces never fails to amaze me!

I started out at 20:41 (please excuse the power least it's continuity I suppose) when the sky was a beautiful golden colour. The light being cast on the buildings in Poole was really pretty, and like I said, I wish I could've been somewhere in a decent location with a nice landscape, to take advantage of the light!

Next up is 20:43, and already the colours are becoming more vibrant - especially that yellow.

Third was taken at 20:48, when the pink and purple hues started making an appearance on the edges of the clouds. This is probably my favourite phase of a sunset, because you have a whole spectrum thrown in there!

You can feel the dark starting to close in at 20:51. Only a few minutes later, but most of the yellow and gold has diminished and gone down with the sun!

Just a minute later, at 20:52, the sky was awash with pink and purple. My camera really didn't so it justice but it looked so pretty.

And finally, 20:55; the last remaining hints of red on the bottom edges of the clouds.

Despite only having my phone to hand, I'm really happy with the pictures, which is why I decided to share them with you all! I thought it made a pretty funky timeline, and a nice colourful way to start the morning! For me, it's now evening so it's nice to look at a sunset at 09:00 for a change!

Nighty night x

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