Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sari Yarn

Some of the most beautiful yarn on the market, is recycled. I absolutely adore the colours and textures of Sari yarn and recycled silks but am yet to use any myself. This will hopefully change in the very near future though, as I intend to make a blanket using some!

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Boo the Tortoise has been up and about, and enjoying the sunshine for a couple of weeks now! Goodbye hibernation and hello Summer! Although I'm not sure that Summer is quite ready to make an appearance yet...

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Sunday, 19 May 2013


I've always had a real passion for sunsets. It's the most beautiful time of day, and every one is completely different!

As I drove to work last night, I could see nice light conditions developing and was gutted that I didn't have my "proper" camera, and also that I wasn't going anywhere worth photographing. Alas, whilst sat outside work waiting for the start of my shift, I took six pictures, depicting the changing light, over a course of just over 10mins. The colours that the sky produces never fails to amaze me!

I started out at 20:41 (please excuse the power least it's continuity I suppose) when the sky was a beautiful golden colour. The light being cast on the buildings in Poole was really pretty, and like I said, I wish I could've been somewhere in a decent location with a nice landscape, to take advantage of the light!

Next up is 20:43, and already the colours are becoming more vibrant - especially that yellow.

Third was taken at 20:48, when the pink and purple hues started making an appearance on the edges of the clouds. This is probably my favourite phase of a sunset, because you have a whole spectrum thrown in there!

You can feel the dark starting to close in at 20:51. Only a few minutes later, but most of the yellow and gold has diminished and gone down with the sun!

Just a minute later, at 20:52, the sky was awash with pink and purple. My camera really didn't so it justice but it looked so pretty.

And finally, 20:55; the last remaining hints of red on the bottom edges of the clouds.

Despite only having my phone to hand, I'm really happy with the pictures, which is why I decided to share them with you all! I thought it made a pretty funky timeline, and a nice colourful way to start the morning! For me, it's now evening so it's nice to look at a sunset at 09:00 for a change!

Nighty night x

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Drips and Drops

It's rained all day here. I love sitting inside and listening to the rain on the windows. Unfortunately, tonight I will have to go out and get wet, on my trip to work. Never mind eh?

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Monday, 13 May 2013

A Trip to Devon

I have been planning a surprise for Dave since January, and last week it finally came round! I had organised a trip to Devon, to stay in a yurt for a few nights! I wanted to do something really different and thought that this glamorous style of camping would be absolutely perfect!

We visited Sidmouth, The Donkey Sanctuary, Exeter, and Escot Park, and although the weather wasn't excellent on the last day, we still had a really good time!

We got up to such a variety of different activities. The Donkey Sanctuary is based near to where we were staying, in Newton Poppleford, and is a place I visited quite a few times as a child, with my Grandparents. It's free to visit and always so nice to see the donkeys! I even managed to get Dave to give one a hug (then it stood on his foot...), which was a great photo opportunity! Later in the afternoon, we went to Sidmouth for lunch, and to walk along the seafront. We both ended up with sunburn - the weather was so beautiful! The next day we went into Exeter and went on a tour of the Underground Passages, which was really interesting! We both donned our hard hats and went 7m underground, into the 600year old passages, which were originally built to house the first water pipes into the city. Finally, we visited Escot, which is a large country park. It was lovely wandering around the maze and then the gardens, taking photos of some of the beautiful flowers. There were also play areas and a drop slide, which Dave couldn't resist!

All in all, it was a really great experience. Our yurt, provided by Hunger Hill Yurts, was absolutely gorgeous and such a contrast to "normal" camping. We had everything we could ask for, and it was great being able to cook over a fire for the duration of our time there. So my secret holiday was a success. We both relaxed, got away from it all, and enjoyed ourselves! There is my excuse as to the lack of Treasury Tuesday last week - I had no internet!

Sunday, 12 May 2013


The first actual finished crochet post I've made in ages! I couldn't post about these little guys because they were a birthday gift for a friend, and then I went on holiday so didn't get a chance to share them then, but I'm here now to introduce you all to Ronnie and Alex!

I made these as a last minute present for Sarah, who owns two cats called Ronnie and Alex. Dave and I had already bought her a few gifts while we were away in Yorkshire, but upon returning home, I decided that it'd be the purrrrrrfect opportunity to get myself back into my crochet. So, with a target to finish the kitties within a week, I started! First, I collected a ton of reference pictures - Ronnie is mostly black so there wasn't much problem there. Alex, however, has tabby grey patches and I needed to make sure I got them in the right place to ensure a proper likeness!

The real Ronnie and Alex

I started out with Ronnie, and quickly regretted crocheting a black cat whilst at work. Light was limited so I made very slow progress, but overall I finished him in about 40hrs from beginning til end. Alex was next, and despite having more fiddly features, he was done in about half the time, which I was really pleased with! The most time consuming part of each cat was actually the assembly, so I can't really complain! Two kitties in about 60hrs is pretty good going.

I'm really pleased with the finished outcome! I finished both kitties with a contrasting bow (red for Alex and blue for Ronnie), which I purchased from Dots and Spots, along with a little silver jingle bell on the front of each "collar". I also gave them whiskers, using some fishing line, which I thought was a really cute finishing touch and gave them both lots of character!

I used a pattern by Little Owl's Hut, which you can find here. I found it really easy to follow, and it's beautifully constructed! There are definitely loads of ways to customise it to create your own unique finished kittens.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Tortoise Cozies

Without a doubt, one of the most awesome things I've ever seen, in my life!

Being a tortoise owner myself, this really made me smile. I can't say that Boo would enjoy being turned into a crocheted Stegosaurus and roaming around the garden, but I would definitely get a lot from it!

Katie Bradley, you are an absolute genius and totally made my day! Check out the original story here.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

May Day

May Day is a festival marking the start of warmer weather and a celebration of Spring time. It is also said to be a time of love and romance.

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