Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow In Dorset

When we've had one of the warmest Winter seasons ever, the last thing we expected to hear in January was that there was snow on the way. However, for the last week there have been warnings going out all over the country about snow, and today it showed up...

Rosie Red covered in a snowy blanket!

There's quite a bit actually, and it's still snowing now. Above is the view from my lounge window, out to our road. Not many people have gone out today, as it's too dangerous (people in countries used to snow will laugh at that, but in the UK, the slightest hint of snow brings the whole country to a standstill every single year).

What's left of my back garden

I really like snow usually, but I'm not relishing the thought of driving to work in it later tonight. I'm sure I'll be fine though, and emergency precautions are in place so everything should run pretty smoothly. I'm determined to get to work! I hate how a lot of people just use it as an excuse to stay off...I am getting there one way or another!

Rear view, from upstairs

Usually, just above that tree on top of the bungalow roof, you can see Maiden Castle. Just a mist of white today though, even though the castle is only about a mile from home.

It's still snowing...


  1. Hello, Sian.
    I came here from your profile on Postcrossing (I've just received a card from you). :)
    I really like your blog (especially cute bunnies). :) We also have beautiful snow here, in Poland.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Dorota K.

    1. Hello! I'm glad you liked the postcard! And my blog too =D x