Monday, 28 January 2013

Lucky Clover

I've spent my day scrapbooking today! I'm so behind with it, but today I managed four pages, including one of my craft fayres, and my time in Devon with Dave back in August! I just wanted to share something I'm rather proud of from today's creativity!

Four lucky leaves

When Dave and I were in Devon, we went for a walk around the local area that we were staying in, and found a four leaf clover! I have kept it all this time, drying and flattened in my camera manual book, and today finally came the time to put it into my scrapbook! But how do you put a dried leaf into your scrapbook, and try to preserve it so it won't just disintegrate within a few days?

I made my little clover leaf a little plastic nest; cutting up the polythene bag from some of my embellishments and sandwiching it between two pieces, using double sided tape. I then mounted it behind a little frame tag, and backed it with white paper, so the leaf would stand out a bit more. I was quite happy with the outcome, actually! So now our lucky clover can live forever in it's airtight K&Co fortress!

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