Monday, 17 December 2012

We're Going To The Zoo

Actually, I've already been to the zoo, and in my Christmas excitement, completely forgot to mention it - d'oh!

A close encounter with Jaws!

Last week, Dave and I went to Marwell Wildlife on an outing. It had been years since I'd visited a zoo, so I was super excited and really pleased when the weather turned out to be amazing on the 8th December! Ok, it was pretty cold, but the sun was shining and that's all that matters!

We saw loads of really cool animals; my favourites being the Leopards, Meerkats and Red Pandas! I had never seen a Red Panda up close and in person before, so that was exciting. We both took our cameras along and managed to get some really good photos, which was an added bonus! My personal favourite (of mine) is an Amur Leopard, who was sitting up in a tree watching the world go by...

Shame about the fencing but still lovely

We spent quite a long time at the Red Panda enclosure, taking pictures. Both Pandas were climbing up and down the tree, which was perfect for getting some good shots. I was particularly pleased with this one...

So cute!!

The golden light was absolutely perfect and really brought out the colour in their fur! Of course, all of the other animals were fantastic but I did love seeing the Red Pandas! Another hit was the Otters, which were adorable! They were all sat on their hut, singing and chirping together - it was so cute. Dave managed to get some really good video of them!

I never really knew that Otters made such strange (but cute) noises! I could watch this video over and over, all day...

Anyway, after an awesome day at the zoo, we had some great pictures to show for it and both had a really nice day out! See...I can post about something other than Christmas!

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