Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Recycled Cotton Yarn

During one of my eBay browsing sessions, I stumbled upon one of the most amazing yarns I've seen in a long time!

The yarn comprises of recycled cotton, which is similar to Sari silk yarn, and is made from the loose ends and offcuts of fabric, in India. It's a beautiful recycled product, which I absolutely love!

I have my eye on the green shade in particular, which I intend to purchase in the future and make a blanket for Dave! I'm going to buy a single skein (£2.85 from Alternative Artisan on eBay) so I can see how it is to work with, and if I find it's workable I will get some more and make a blanket! When I've finished everything else on my list, that is...

Definitely a really stunning alternative to normal yarn though - you could use this in so many different projects, and I'm definitely going to become a customer in the future!

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