Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bargain of the Year

I was browsing eBay again the other day (yes, today's posts have all been about my eBay browsing sessions haha, sorry!) and stumbled upon a lot of 8 K&Company scrapbooking embellishment sets, by Isabella Grace. I've had my eye on the set Butterfly & Flowers for a while, and managed to find a pack for £3.25 during my hunt, which is about 90p below their usual retail price - not a bad deal. Anyway, this particular set was included in this lot of 8 packs, and the starting bid was a mere £1.99 so I had to get in there and put a bid in!

Isabella Grace collection

A few days later, I found that I had won the set and was extremely pleased. I was even more pleased when I found that no other bids had been made, and I had just purchased all 8 sets for just £1.99! What makes this deal even sweeter, is that this bundle has a retail value of over £32.00! As you can tell, I'm thrilled, and I not only got the Butterfly & Flower set that I had my eye on, but I got it much cheaper and with 7 other items! They arrived today and are absolutely drool-worthy! Bargain of the year, in my books. It's so rare I stumble upon these things but I'm chuffed to bits about it!

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