Friday, 16 November 2012

That Autumn Feeling!

Last weekend, Dave and I decided to go for a little walk in some local woods and a nature reserve, and I couldn't resist sharing some photos with you all. Autumn (or Fall) is my favourite time of year and always had been! It never fails to impress me and you can capture some lovely photographs during this season!

How could anyone resist taking pictures of those beautiful golden leaves! Beech trees, like the lovely example above, are always fantastic during Autumn. They turn such lovely colours, and it was great to wander around in the leaves.

The light was a little bright (basically meaning I was too lazy to adjust my camera settings) in some places, but I still managed to take some nice pictures, and thoroughly enjoyed just going for a walk for an hour or so.

Me taking a photo of Dave, taking a photo of me!

And there concludes why Autumn is awesome. I'm going to take this chance to wish any American readers a Happy Thanksgiving, incase I forget by the time it comes around! I think it's November 22nd, or am I way off? Either way, enjoy!

Much love from a lovely British Autumn x

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