Sunday, 4 November 2012

Mug Cozy

So I've spent my evening crocheting up a mug cozy, as I thought it'd make a really nice and cheap Christmas present for friends and family. They're easy to make, and so cute! I'm really pleased with the outcome!

Toasty and warm!

I opted for Sirdar Crofter DK, in Rambler Rose 0059 for the main shade, and edged with Erskine 0032 to finish it off and contrast with the pinks and purples in the main section of the cozy.

Pretty pink buttons

I was also fortunate enough to stumble upon some buttons I had completely forgotten about, lurking in one of my bags of stuff! So I layered up the two shell flowers to get a nice colour contrast.

Cosy cozy!

The pattern is worked almost entirely in double crochet, which I always like working with. And the yarn marbles so beautifully!

Missing it's mug!

I am debating whether to add an appliqué to this particular pattern, because I was originally going to be making owl cozies, with the first pattern I found. However, I think it's really pretty on it's own so I'm going to finish making some other colours and then I'll work out whether I want to add an owl into the mix or not!

Anyway, on to the pattern - it's a fantastic freebie from Ravelry, by a designer called Marion Hassold. You can find it and try it out for yourself here! The only change I have made, is using a DK (and not a chunky) yarn, and had an initial 50ch instead of the recommended 27ch. It's all depending on the type and size of the mug you are making it for though, and really easily customisable!

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