Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hamper Building

I have made Christmas hampers as gifts for the last few years, for various friends and family, and I'm doing the same this year for Dave's parents. I think hampers make really nice presents and they're so easy to personalise as well! Today I bought a few pieces in town, in one of my favourite deli's The Fridge!

Christmas goodies!

Included above are:
  • Orange chocolate gingerbread stars
  • Jam and marmalade selection
  • Dessert chocolates (by House of Dorchester)
  • Oat & Honey Dorset biscuits (by Moore's)
  • Cheddar wafers
  • Pheasant and Champagne pâté
This is to go with a bottle of wine, and a tartan cat doorstop I bought last month. So far it's all shaping up really nicely. I have more bits that I want to add to the hamper, along with a present each for their dogs and cat, so when it's done it should look fab. Which reminds me, I need to buy some shredded tissue for the filling. I really like buying local items though - can't beat it!

It was cold today, so I wrapped up warm for my walk into town! I only got 3½ hours sleep after my night shift today, so I was shattered. Really wanted to stretch my legs though, so a brisk walk into town with my Dad was exactly what the doctor ordered! Meant I got to wear my yummy new scarf too!

Feeling tired and lacking in makeup...but I love my scarf!

I love this time of year, when you can whack out the Winter woolies. I absolutely love scarves and this was an absolute bargain - £13 instead of the RRP of £35! Love the colour too!

An evening in November

I leave you with a beautiful sky picture, that I took on my way home. I love the sky, and it looked really great tonight! Such a nice change from the recent flooding!

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