Sunday, 21 October 2012


Dave and I made ourselves some pizza for dinner last night! It was actually my first time making pizza myself, and we cheated a tiny bit and bought some just-add-water dough, but otherwise we did this ourselves and were really pleased with the outcome!

My pizza base


Red onion, baby spinach and goat's cheese pizza, for me!

Dave's base


Chilli, sausage, and smokey lapsang pizza, for Dave!

We were so proud! I used a tomato sauce base for mine, and Dave opted for ChanCham's Smokey Lapsang sauce - you can find the ChanCham range here! His was very spicy! I managed a bite and then had to break into a glass of milk! My pizza was delicious. Goat's cheese is one of my favourite foods, and it tasted fab on my pizza. So I was a happy bunny!

Nom nom nom!

Aren't we clever!

More crochet coming soon; I promise x

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