Thursday, 25 October 2012

Crofter DK Splurge

I treated myself to some new yarns yesterday and bought myself five 50g balls of Sirdar Crofter DK (it was 6 if you count the one I found on eBay afterwards...).

Yummy yarns!

Crofter is described as a Fairisle effect yarn, and comprises of an acrylic, cotton and wool mix. I've used it before, to make the feet on the Unicorn that I made last year and absolutely loved it. It's really soft and has a lovely texture when it's worked, so I'm looking forward to using it!

Magilly 0039

Rambler Rose 0059

Skerry 0042

Hound Dog 0053

Erskine 0032

The shade I have coming from eBay is more green than "Erskine", which is actually a really limey green colour that hasn't really come out in the photograph. It's a lot more attractive in real life!

Anyway I'm not sharing what it's going to be made into yet, as they're Christmas gifts, but soon all will be revealed!

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