Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Day In October...

Autumn leaves

Dave and I visited a local garden, Compton Acres, yesterday afternoon. It was beautiful, and such a great place to take photographs!

The Italian Gardens

The gardens consists of separate areas; an Italian themed garden, heather garden, woodland valley, rock and water garden, and my personal favourite; the Japanese garden.

Chilling in a grotto!

We both took our cameras, and it was great being able to go out together and take some pictures. We both managed to take some nice ones as well, so we were pleased with our afternoon out!

Koi lining up to say hello!

I absolutely love Koi carp. They're so beautiful, and there were some particularly stunning ones at Compton Acres!

The Japanese Gardens

I've always loved the style of Japanese gardens, and this one is no exception! The pagoda is awesome, and the colours at the moment are just beginning to turn to oranges and reds. In a week, I'm sure it'll look absolutely stunning! The Koi pond is full of stepping stones, so it's good fun exploring this garden. I love it!

Happy October!

Hope you're all having a great start to Autumn x

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