Monday, 3 September 2012

Lunch and Plant Shopping

Today has been a perfect day; well, my version of perfect! I met a friend for coffee this morning, which was lovely! We try and do it about once a month and it's always good to have a catch up...especially when you always work on your own. I always love seeing Jo for our catch ups!

After coffee, I treated my Mum to lunch. We very rarely go out together, so I took her to the Gallery on the Square, which is one of my favourite coffee haunts - a brilliant combination of art, crafts, gifts and awesome food!

Chicken, bacon and mozzarella pannini ♥

My lunch was delicious! I have a pannini obsession; they're one of the greatest foods in the world! Mum opted for cheddar, ham and chutney in her pannini, which looked equally good.

We then went plant shopping, at the garden centre!

There are plants in my car!!

The orchid is a birthday present for Dave's Mum - I hope she likes it! I really enjoy visiting garden centres. Even if I don't want to buy anything, I just like walking around and looking at the plants. I always have! I need to add some form of wrapping to it now...

I'm now sat with a cup of tea, catching up with my blog and relaxing before work!

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