Friday, 28 September 2012


Again, more apologies for my silence this month. It really has been a busy one; a combination of work, and a ton of social stuff going on too!

This time, last week, I was getting ready to go away for the weekend with one of my best friends, Kirsty. For my birthday, she bought me a falconry experience, at Mere Down Falconry, and we decided to make a weekend of it. So, we booked ourselves a weekend in a holiday cottage and had ourselves a girly time!

Wallis the Barn Owl, and I

I think the above photo is a good enough excuse as to why I haven't been around much! Definitely one of the most incredible experiences of my life! And as a complete owl fanatic, it was the perfect present from a very generous friend!

Kirsty and Misty the Great Grey Owl

We spent the afternoon in Glastonbury, and bought some souvenirs! And Sunday brought rain, and a pyjama and crafting day! Kirsty spent the day cross stitching, and I was crocheting my blanket. It's so nearly finished now! I've attached two corner squares and have the other two to do, along with a black border. Then it's finished!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Autumn Bunting

As Autumn begins to really take hold, your home will probably need a splash of colour! So why not indulge in some lovely Autumn bunting to brighten up the room!

Check out the collection by clicking here!

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Goodwood, Craft Fayre, and Work

I've been so quiet this month; sorry! Stuff has been hectic and I haven't had much time to spare!

On Friday, I went to the Goodwood Revival, which is a festival celebrating vintage cars and fashion. It was a birthday present from my brother, and we'd been looking forward to it since about March, so we were so pleased that the day had finally arrived! We decided to go with a 50's theme. I bought a beautiful dress and petticoat from Hell Bunny, and some kind of vintage styled shoes from New Look. I also went with some old styled makeup and attempted (and failed) to do something different with my hair. Here's the outcome...

I think I scrubbed up pretty well! Considering I never usually adventure into wearing dresses, or generally have an overly girly appearance, I think I was quite successful with my outfit! The show was amazing though and I would definitely love to go back - if not next year, then the year after! It's probably one of the most surreal experiences I've ever walking around a film set! All the different fashion eras look so cool together, and it was a great photo opportunity. However, I won't bore you with any of my photographic stuff, but will share this gem that my brother took...

I can drive race cars, me

My feet were so sore the next day! But onwards and upwards, and Saturday brought this month's craft fayre in Osmington!

Hello from Siân Lister Photography!

Like last month, my lovely boyfriend Dave came along for moral support, and to help me out with the setting up/packing away of things. It was unfortunately a really quiet fayre this month, and not many people turned up, which was a shame because there was some gorgeous stalls attending. For those interested in the Osmington Arts & Crafts Fayre, check out their Facebook page for dates and information!

The rest of my time recently has been taken up by work. However, I'm spending this weekend in a holiday cottage with one of my best friends, Kirsty (we went to Wales last year!), and then I have just 5 more shifts, before a fortnight off. Much crochet shall be done while I am away, and I'm sure I'll get more done in the time that I'm off as well...we can hope, anyway.

The Hair Fairy

Dear Hairy Fairy,

Please ensure that I have awesome hair, with the help of these lovely accessories! Thank you!

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

September Snuggles

The month of September, marks the start of Autumn for me, and what better way to enjoy it than with some beautiful Autumnal crocheted cardigans; colour themed, of course!

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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Soy Glazed Chicken

Tonight I cooked from my Gok Cooks Chinese book, for the first time! I am so impressed. The book itself is a thing of beauty, and the recipe was really easy to follow. All good so far!

I decided to make Papa Wan's Soy Glazed Chicken, partly because I adore anything with soy sauce, but also it looked delicious in the pictures. It also only recommended about 20mins to cook, and bearing in mind I worked last night, it was something quick and easy for me to make.

Chicken sprinkled with chillis and spring onion

And wow, was the outcome amazing! It tasted fantastic and also looked great as well! I served it with some home made egg fried rice, and was so pleased!

Settling down for dinner, with Gok!

So all in all, a very satisfying dinner! I'm now finishing a cup of tea, and am going to head to bed. Straight back on at work again tomorrow so I need all the sleep I can get!

Barn Owl In Flight

While on the subject of owls; I just stumbled across the most beautiful necklace on Etsy!

© HandyMaiden

Absolutely stunning...I'm in love. I may have to buy one of these when I get the chance, because I adore it! Click here for the item listing! The seller also has a variety of different sculptures and jewellery in their shop, which can be found here! Happy shopping!

Night Owl

I work permanent nights and have become a bit of a night owl! So here's to celebrating like minded creatures!

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Monday, 3 September 2012

Lily Blanket

I mentioned on Facebook last night, that I have purchased a new blanket pattern. I found this linked from a crochet group that I follow, and couldn't resist! I'm sure sharing the link will inspire the rest of you too, because this really is a stunner! And only £3.50 ( $5.70 ) as well!

© queenieamanda

I just love how intricate it is, and the colours the designer have chosen are incredible! I don't even know who I would make this for...I just love it. A beautiful treat for myself, perhaps...

© queenieamanda

So without further ado, you can purchase your own copy of Queenieamanda's stunning Lily Crochet Blanket HERE! Enjoy x

Lunch and Plant Shopping

Today has been a perfect day; well, my version of perfect! I met a friend for coffee this morning, which was lovely! We try and do it about once a month and it's always good to have a catch up...especially when you always work on your own. I always love seeing Jo for our catch ups!

After coffee, I treated my Mum to lunch. We very rarely go out together, so I took her to the Gallery on the Square, which is one of my favourite coffee haunts - a brilliant combination of art, crafts, gifts and awesome food!

Chicken, bacon and mozzarella pannini ♥

My lunch was delicious! I have a pannini obsession; they're one of the greatest foods in the world! Mum opted for cheddar, ham and chutney in her pannini, which looked equally good.

We then went plant shopping, at the garden centre!

There are plants in my car!!

The orchid is a birthday present for Dave's Mum - I hope she likes it! I really enjoy visiting garden centres. Even if I don't want to buy anything, I just like walking around and looking at the plants. I always have! I need to add some form of wrapping to it now...

I'm now sat with a cup of tea, catching up with my blog and relaxing before work!