Thursday, 23 August 2012

I Love Scenic Drives

As most of you already know, I work as a night carer for children with longterm complex health problems...and for those of you that didn't know; I work as a night carer for children with longterm complex health problems! One of my patients lives out in the sticks, about 45mins drive from where I live, and over time I have developed a really nice country route, that takes me through all the back lanes and actually cuts 5-10mins off of my overall journey! It all looked stunning this morning, so I thought I'd stop off and take you some pictures!

Looking back from Okeford Hill

I frequently take pictures from Okeford Hill. There's a fantastic panoramic view surrounding it, and sometimes in the morning light it looks absolutely stunning. I was shooting into the sun here but the sky looked pretty!

Rosie Red!

My lovely car, sitting about halfway up the hill. This is where I always stop to watch the sun set if I'm running early for work!

Winterborne Clenston Church

This place fascinates me. It's literally in the middle of nothing. I really want to go back sometime early morning (earlier than I leave work haha) and take pictures of it in mist or snow. Something about this church just draws me in; I think it's because it's so out of place!

So that was my journey home this morning! I'm currently sat, hair in a shower cap, whilst I wait for the colour to develop! I've not dyed it since May so I was insanely rooty, and it badly needed touching up! Now off to wash the dye out, and then go to bed! Have a good day ♥

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