Thursday, 30 August 2012


Hello! As you have guessed, I am back from my weekend away in a beautiful rural part of Devon, near Langford! Dave and I went for the Bank Holiday and had an awesome time - we were so lucky to be staying in such a lovely place!

So what did we get up to while we were away? Well unfortunately, we weren't the luckiest with the weather, and it rained quite a lot. However, we made the most of it and had a great time!

We arrived on Friday afternoon, in the tipping rain, and were so pleased to get into our little house! I was our first time away together, and Dave managed to find the perfect location tucked away in the middle of nowhere!

Our little corner of paradise!

I was very lucky to have my dinner cooked for me on Friday night, which was delicious! All in all, a perfect start!

On Saturday, it rained all day, but we stayed in and managed to watch an entire series of Blackadder (hell yes!) and the day flew by. It's a shame it rained, but we were both in need of recharging our batteries anyway, so neither of us minded the time resting.

Sunday finally brought some sun with it, and we went for a walk in the morning, straight after breakfast! With no real idea of where we were going, we set off with our cameras and walked through some of the local fields and lanes. I managed to find a four-leaf clover, which I am currently pressing and will put in my scrapbook when I get to the appropriate page! Such a lovely keepsake ♥ We found a field of very friendly sheep, played Pooh sticks, and took photos in the sunshine!

Balloons, sheep, cats and smiles

When we got back to the cottage, we made a late lunch and then headed out again in the evening to the Tiverton Balloon Festival, which was lots of fun! We saw a mass ascent of about 20 hot air balloons, which neither of us had experienced before. Definitely something that I would love to see again!

On Monday, we had to come home...much to our disapproval. But we had a really memorable weekend and we are hoping to return one day, when we have a little more time on our hands! I can't wait!

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