Thursday, 30 August 2012


Hello! As you have guessed, I am back from my weekend away in a beautiful rural part of Devon, near Langford! Dave and I went for the Bank Holiday and had an awesome time - we were so lucky to be staying in such a lovely place!

So what did we get up to while we were away? Well unfortunately, we weren't the luckiest with the weather, and it rained quite a lot. However, we made the most of it and had a great time!

We arrived on Friday afternoon, in the tipping rain, and were so pleased to get into our little house! I was our first time away together, and Dave managed to find the perfect location tucked away in the middle of nowhere!

Our little corner of paradise!

I was very lucky to have my dinner cooked for me on Friday night, which was delicious! All in all, a perfect start!

On Saturday, it rained all day, but we stayed in and managed to watch an entire series of Blackadder (hell yes!) and the day flew by. It's a shame it rained, but we were both in need of recharging our batteries anyway, so neither of us minded the time resting.

Sunday finally brought some sun with it, and we went for a walk in the morning, straight after breakfast! With no real idea of where we were going, we set off with our cameras and walked through some of the local fields and lanes. I managed to find a four-leaf clover, which I am currently pressing and will put in my scrapbook when I get to the appropriate page! Such a lovely keepsake ♥ We found a field of very friendly sheep, played Pooh sticks, and took photos in the sunshine!

Balloons, sheep, cats and smiles

When we got back to the cottage, we made a late lunch and then headed out again in the evening to the Tiverton Balloon Festival, which was lots of fun! We saw a mass ascent of about 20 hot air balloons, which neither of us had experienced before. Definitely something that I would love to see again!

On Monday, we had to come home...much to our disapproval. But we had a really memorable weekend and we are hoping to return one day, when we have a little more time on our hands! I can't wait!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Balloon Festival

At the weekend, I went to the Tiverton Balloon Festival, while away for the bank holiday weekend with my boyfriend! So this week, I have decided to follow a balloon theme!

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Thanks Claire!

I just received a lovely message from one of my Facebook fans!

Hi :) I love your page and your blog!! Thought you might like to see the blanket my Mum crocheted for my baby when she was born!

Thanks for sharing Claire! And for the lovely compliments on my page and blog! I really appreciate the support, and I love your Mum's baby blanket!

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I Love Scenic Drives

As most of you already know, I work as a night carer for children with longterm complex health problems...and for those of you that didn't know; I work as a night carer for children with longterm complex health problems! One of my patients lives out in the sticks, about 45mins drive from where I live, and over time I have developed a really nice country route, that takes me through all the back lanes and actually cuts 5-10mins off of my overall journey! It all looked stunning this morning, so I thought I'd stop off and take you some pictures!

Looking back from Okeford Hill

I frequently take pictures from Okeford Hill. There's a fantastic panoramic view surrounding it, and sometimes in the morning light it looks absolutely stunning. I was shooting into the sun here but the sky looked pretty!

Rosie Red!

My lovely car, sitting about halfway up the hill. This is where I always stop to watch the sun set if I'm running early for work!

Winterborne Clenston Church

This place fascinates me. It's literally in the middle of nothing. I really want to go back sometime early morning (earlier than I leave work haha) and take pictures of it in mist or snow. Something about this church just draws me in; I think it's because it's so out of place!

So that was my journey home this morning! I'm currently sat, hair in a shower cap, whilst I wait for the colour to develop! I've not dyed it since May so I was insanely rooty, and it badly needed touching up! Now off to wash the dye out, and then go to bed! Have a good day ♥

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Dinosaurs are awesome!

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

A Few More Rows

I've spent my afternoon watching documentaries about UFOs and working on my blanket!

Working the yellow!

I'm on my final side of the Bright Lemon yarn, before I crack on with the corner squares. Currently on my fourth row, of seven, so I'm close to finishing this section of the blanket! I really can't wait to see it finished now, and also to send it to my friend and find out what she thinks!

Rainbows galore!

I'm in love with the colours. It's so happy, cheery and generally feel-good! I may have to make one for myself one day...if I ever get the time!

Craft Fayre

Yesterday I spent a few hours of my afternoon at a craft fayre in Osmington, selling some of my greetings cards! It was my first event this year, I'm afraid to say, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself and managed to get some sales, and a few new customers along the way too!

I prepped a lot for yesterday and had about 365 individual cards on sale. Managed to display them nicely too, which help and support from my lovely boyfriend Dave, and everything kicked off at 1pm!

The SLP stall

I think everything looked nice! Those three cards at the very front were made by my Mum, who has taken a plunge into the world of felt-work. She managed to sell one of hers!

Photo courtesy of Arts & Crafts Fayre, Osmington Village Hall

The little felt pieces can be removed from the cards and used as decorations, which I think is a really neat idea! I wouldn't have the patience to make these...

Dave and I are now the profile picture for the event's Facebook page, which is sweet!

Photo courtesy of Arts & Crafts Fayre, Osmington Village Hall

Overall a really nice event, with some very talented local artists and crafters. Buying handmade is definitely the way forward. It's a shame the weather was a bit hit and miss, but we had some customers! I will be making another appearance at the next fayre on the 15th September, so put it in your calendars!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

English Country Garden

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I visited Upton Country Park, which is located on the edge of Poole. The weather was glorious, we took a picnic, and wandered for an hour or so! Towards the end of our visit, we came across a walled garden, which is the inspiration for this week's Treasury Tuesday feature!

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Monday, 13 August 2012

More Blanket Progress

I've managed to do some more work on my Sunshine and Shadow blanket in the last few nights at work, and it's looking fantastic now!! I'm really pleased!

One more edge to go!

To finished, I have to do the last yellow edge, at the top. Then there will be a bright blue large square in each corner, finished with a final black border. So the end is in sight! I've really enjoyed working on it and can't wait to start my next blanket project when it's done!

Up close and personal!

I love the colours! I'm definitely going to make another following this pattern, once I've tried a few others first. Many people are going to receive blankets in the future, methinks!

Friends and Dinosaurs!!

Awesome combo, huh? What could be better than friends and dinosaurs? Friends, dinosaurs and cheesy bacon wedges; that's what!

Naughty, but so delicious...

I met my friend Emma, for lunch today. It's always nice to have a catch up with friends! I don't get to see them as often as I'd like, so I always really enjoy seeing everyone, when I can!

I then went to visit my late friend, Nathan, and took him some flowers. Was kinda sad and a bit surprised to find that he had no other flowers...

Roses xD

So today I have technically seen two friends. I hadn't seen Nathan since January, which is shitty, so I'm really glad I went. The roses look really gorgeous too - orange with flame red tips. A fabulous bunch from M&S ^^

On a happier note, this morning I had mail! I have already started my Christmas shopping (I know, I know...) and a present for Dave arrived. What made it stupidly awesome, is that this came with it...


When something comes with a free dinosaur, you know it's an epic present!! I'm letting Dave have his dinosaur early, when I see him on Friday, because it'd be cruel not to! I think it needs to be taken on outings and photographed in various locations...what do you think? Dave-a-saurus! Rawwrrrr!!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Colourful Day!

I had a really nice day yesterday! It was full of smiles, colours, and beautiful things; what more could a girl want?

I met up with my friend and colleague, Jo, and her daughter Anna, for coffee and cake in the morning. This, in itself was really lovely and it's always nice to see them and catch up! So we indulged in hot drinks and a variety of delicious cakes and pastries (I opted for lemon tart!) and put the world to rights. This was followed by an impromptu drive around Poundbury, to try and find a bead shop, which exists somewhere over that way! After a lot of driving around in circles, and retracing our steps, we found what we were looking for; The Half Moon Bead Shop.

Adorable little bead scoops!

I'd heard of this place but had never managed to stumble upon it! I must admit, I'm not a bead and jewellery making person, although I do sometimes use beads and buttons on my crochet, but I was so impressed! The shop is like Aladdin's Cave! Loads of colours, really cute designs, and lovely owners! 


I've decided that I am definitely gonna go back. I really like supporting local businesses, so I intend to buy crochet beading embellishments from them in the future!

I came home afterwards, put on a film (yesterday's choice was Hide and Seek) and did some work on my Sunshine and Shadow blanket! It's been on a back burner for a few months, but I needed a break from the giraffe I'm making, so settled down to work on the borders!

Super sunny yellow!

Overnight, I managed to finish the second side and do half of the third, which is fantastic progress! So I'm expecting the blanket to be finished by the end of next week, if I keep at it!

After doing some crochet in the afternoon, I went out with my brother and bought a special something for a's crazy colourful, so I thought I'd include a picture here for you all!

Rainbow polka dots ♥

So all in all, yesterday was full of fun, colour, rainbows and happy times! It was a really good day ^^

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Granny Bomb

There's no two ways about it; Granny Squares are awesome. I need to finish my Sunshine and Shadow blanket for my friend, and this has reminded me that in all honesty, it won't take long. I just love how Grannies always turn out! They're beautiful, colourful, and add something special to any room!

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Happy August! This should have been posted up yesterday but something came up and I couldn't work on Treasury Tuesday for you all. Alas, better late than never; a full spectrum of gorgeous yarny crocheted goodness!

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