Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Today has been cool...well, generally cool! This morning I had to have some blood tests (booooooo) which sucked to be honest. I'm needle phobic and never enjoy this kind of thing, but who actually enjoys getting stabbed by a sharp implement?

Owie =(

My poor bleeding arm! Hurts now and is a bit bruised; stupid blood tests!

After that, my brother and I met our Grandparents in town and then we went for lunch, which was super yummy! It was nice to spend time with them, as always!

I then sat and wrote two postcards for Postcrossing...


I've sent them to Germany and the Ukraine, so hopefully they won't take too long to reach their new owners. I thought the top one in particular was really pretty! So those are now winging their way to their destinations!

Finally, the post arrived earlier and my new labels for my greetings cards were in the mail. I bought them from a wedding shop on eBay, and am really pleased!

30 tags for £6.75 (22p per tag!)

So today has been good. Although I am tired now. Time to write in my journal, and then settle down with a film and my crochet.

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