Friday, 27 July 2012

Sunshine, Dresses and Strawberries

The weather has much improved in the last week or so, which to me is both good and bad. I like the fact that it's finally not raining, but now it is too hot!

I've never handled heat very well, but this is worse than usual because we've literally gone from February weather, straight to July, and it's a proper shock to the system! Don't get me wrong; I like a bit of sun, but this is so hot that I've not even been able to go out in it. Also, working nights, it's extremely difficult sleeping in the day when the weather is so warm and humid.

In my garden!

Even I put on a dress the other day! It was so hot...unbearably hot...bleurgh...however my tortoise, Boo, was thoroughly enjoying the weather and spent most of the day basking in the sun! I went out with his usual lunch of peas, and threw in a couple of strawberries for him to munch on as a treat!

Nom nom nom!

I love feeding him strawberries! He always looks like a vampire afterwards!

Anyway, love sun or hate it, I would really like it to rain again. Earlier I was craving a short storm, just so I could go and stand out in it! Think I'm gonna have to keep wishing...

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