Wednesday, 18 July 2012

December and January

I've been scrapbooking again today, and finished three pages! Very pleased with myself, and I've left all my scrapbook stuff out on my dining table so that I can do some more tomorrow (provided I'm still in the zone).

Organised chaos! Or something like that...

So obviously, I am still way behind with it! Today, I started with Christmas Day. This time of year was something I'd rather forget, but I always document Christmas Day; we have family over for dinner, which is always really nice!

25th December 2011

I had some wrapping paper leftover (was so proud of the wrapping, so I had to make note of it!) so I used that and some ribbon, for the side of the page. The gift tag came from a present my brother gave me, and the caption made me laugh - "To Siân! Please find enclosed a materialistic way of expressing my love for you! From Owen". I like this page though; very cheery!

Next up, I finally entered 2012! And a good way to start, was with a meeting with an old friend!

21st January 2012

Keeping it simple with some before/after shots of the two of us! The picture to the left features us both in 2005, and to the right is us together in Taunton 5 years later! Aimee is probably one of my oldest online friends, and we've actually met. Hoping to do so again soon!

Finally, I added a page with some promotional photographs I took of my friend Becky, aka Carman Havalook, for her new job working with a burlesque troupe!

23rd January 2012

I was really pleased with these photographs! I love the embellishments as well; lots of girly things! And super glittery paper, to back the photos. I really love this one though, and it's definitely an awesome tribute to my friend, as she embarked on her journey to start her fantastic new job! If you fancy checking out "Carman Havalook" and the rest of the troupe, check out the ETROIS website.

Tomorrow I am hoping to continue where I've left off; finish January and get started on February! Then dinner and fireworks with my lovely man, in the evening!

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