Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I've only just had the chance to update, but I spent my afternoon on Monday, working on my beloved scrapbook. I added two pages, but am especially proud of one, which I'm going to share with you!

Back in October, my friend Kirsty and I went to Glastonbury, to see artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith at the Faerie Fayre. We were not disappointed! Jasmine was absolutely lovely, and more than happy to chat and pose for photos with us both. We both bought some signed prints (mine was Carnivorous Bouquet), and I decided to show off my one on this page in my scrapbook.

Only a small section of my in progress!

I really went all out on this page; I actually bought embellishments specifically for it and everything! Wanted to show it off as best I could!

Details of the frame feature

I cut out a section from a flyer I had, and used the face from one of Jasmine's paintings, Ophelia, as the picture. This actually took me ages; it's got about 4 or 5 layers to it, but I'm pleased!

Signed print

I've kept the print in the film bag so it doesn't get damaged. It can be removed if I choose, but I'm happy with it where it is!

Finished page ^^

I have since added a couple more flowers to the gaps by the annotation, but that's it. Really pleased; do you think I did it justice? You can check out more of Jasmine's amazing art on her Facebook Page!

I'm sorry for the lack of crochet updates recently; I've been stupidly busy and haven't had much time for stitching. I will get to it soon though, don't lose faith!


  1. WOW!!!! I just LOVE this... Amazing page!

    1. Thanks Kitty!! More to come soon, I hope!