Friday, 15 June 2012

Calling All Home-Dyers!

Home-dyers? I have no idea what that is either, really! What I mean, is people who have experience of dying fabrics at home, using shop bought dyes. Better?

So...I bought this scarf. It's lovely! So soft, and has an open weave...I really like it. On the website, it is described as being "Watermelon Pink", and looks like this...

What I received, was not "Watermelon Pink". I'd send it back, but I really like the scarf!

As you can's neon...very neon. It actually glows. And it does nothing for my complexion, or my hair (call me fussy...). Granted, I am wearing it with some pretty groovy colours, but that's me all's very, very neon pink...and I'm not a Barbie.

So, i need your help. Would I be possible to dye this successfully? It's 100% acrylic, if that helps? Can anyone recommend any dyes? Tips, advice...all welcome! I was wondering if I would need to bleach it first or not. The colour I think I'll go for is a dark purple, so I doubt it'll need bleaching. I'm clueless though!

Please help me!!

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