Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Many More Squares

I haven't updated you on my blanket, since the 9th April! So we are long overdue a new blanket picture!

Rounding off for the corners!

Last time you saw it, I was just starting the second round of darker blue. Since then we have mint green (which is the shade after the blue, which hasn't photographed very well) with four pink squares, pea green, and the very edges are a rich dark purple (which again, haven't photographed well).

Better shot of the purple

I've just started lilac next to the purple round, and am really enjoying bringing the squares to an end. I haven't decided what colour the main blocks on the edges will be yet, but it's all going to be edged with black, to bring the colours out. I'll update again when I've finished all the squares!

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