Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A Big Thank You (Shout Out!)

We had a few technical difficulties this evening, but thank you to the sharp eyes of two of my readers, and the much appreciated help of my awesome boyfriend, we are all good again and no one was hurt in the process!

Therefore, I would like to shout out to Heartstitch and OurCraftShops, for their help this evening, in pointing out the problem!

Heartstitch is an amazing little bundle of joy, based in Plymouth! She is still relatively new to the Facebook and blog scenes but already has a tonne of likers and followers! Regardless, check out some of her adorable work!

Baby Blue Kitty Keyring with vintage fabric

Hanging Heart

Check out her Facebook page by clicking here!

My other shout out goes to OurCraftShops, which is an amazing page and website that gives exposure to crafters and artists!

They have actually featured my Maggi doll this afternoon, which was much appreciated, and was the other reader to notice the problem with my blog earlier. So please go and have a look at and their Facebook Page!

Thanks again guys; what would I do without you!


  1. <3 thank you so much :D I love your blog - I wish I had the news/energy to update mine so often!

    1. Haha I'm glad you like it! I just ramble on about...well...not very much! Thanks though, that means a lot <3