Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I forgot to write about these the other day (how, I have no idea!) but the gift tags that I ordered for Summer and Oliver's presents arrived in the post. I found a fantastic seller on eBay called ewanog who hand paints and customises wooden gift tags for all kinds of occasions! I couldn't resist for just £1.95 each!

I figured that they could keep the tags afterwards and use them as decorations; I like that kind of thing. Really into shabby chic! Anyway, I thought these were beautifully made, and they were delivered in excellent time (posted the same day that I ordered, infact) and were wrapped in gorgeous colour coordinated tissue. Really pleased!

I'm hoping to buy bags that match the tags, hopefully in gingham but you can't have everything, and then stuff them with tissue and put another little present underneath for each child. That part is still a work in progress! I can't wait to have the giraffe finished so that I can start my wrapping! I started him this afternoon and he currently has half a head...we all have to start somewhere!

Anyway if you are interested in purchasing your own wooden gift tags, I highly recommend visiting ewanog's eBay store!

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