Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Damien Hirst

I had a massive treat on the 16th April, which I kind of tied into my birthday, and visited the new Damien Hirst exhibition in Tate Modern.

I can genuinely say that it is one of the most surreal and beautiful experiences I have ever had. I've been to Tate before, but never to a proper paid exhibition in there; mainly because I thought it would be stupidly expensive. I bought two tickets at £14 each, for my friend Emma and I, so it was well worth it!


My favourite part of the whole show has to be the butterflies; they were absolutely beautiful. The gallery not only has a room full of "stained glass" butterfly wings (Doorways To A Kingdom Of Heaven) but also a live butterfly room, where the insects are literally hatching from the walls. It was extremely hot, but so worth it! I also really loved seeing Mother And Child Divided, as that was the main reason for me wanting to visit. I can proudly say that I have walked through the middle of both a cow, and a calf. It's absolutely fascinating! I also really liked the sharks and sheep; all strangely beautiful seeing them suspended motionless in Formaldehyde. It was very much worth the money!

Massive thanks to my wonderful friend Emma, for joining me on this once in a lifetime trip!

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