Thursday, 1 March 2012

Welcome March

Just want to say a very warm welcome to the wonderful month of March! Where flowers start blooming, trees start coming back to life, and the sun gets it's warmth back.

I went out into my garden this afternoon, once I had woken up after work, and came across about 40 ladybirds, all basking in the sun on one of our bushes! Such an amazing sight! This is my favourite picture; it makes me laugh!

I didn't position the ladybirds! I was sat watching them for ages, and they ended up climbing on top of each other. I just love this time of year, when everything starts coming back! Hopefully soon, we will be able to wake up our tortoise from hibernation, and he can go back to living in the garden; fingers crossed that the beautiful weather from today, continues!

In other news, I have just added a load of photos of some of my past-projects to my Facebook page and given it the new timeline theme, that pages are getting in the next week or so. I've linked to every pattern I've used in those pics, so if you're interested in making any of them, it's easy to do so!

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