Friday, 9 March 2012


Today I have added three more pages to my scrapbook! I'm still so behind; currently adding pages from June 2011, but I'm determined to catch up with myself!


This page is dedicated to a gig, my brother's band played at the end of May. It was a charity event, to raise money for the local football club. You can find out more about the band on their Facebook page - FrontToBack ^^


Next up, a trip to Portland Bill. I started experimenting with long exposure photography, on this day, and took a further three or four trips down to the Bill afterwards (those will be added in due course!). I like this page though; I don't often add large lettering, but it worked here.


Another trip to Portland; this time I was a lot more successful in my photographs, and took two that I absolutely love. I do need to go online and get myself some more embellishments. I have loads, but future pages are themed around holidays, roadtrips, and other stuff, so I need to get something that isn't flowers, to decorate my pages with!

Anyway, I really enjoyed myself. Now I have 3 nights to work, followed by another 5 days off; during which I hope to finish my zebra (she says...) and do some more scrapbooking.

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