Saturday, 24 March 2012

Progress and Gift Wrap

I've done a lot more work to my blanket today! It's really starting to take shape, and I'm really pleased with the outcome so far! Here is how it is looking this evening, upon finishing for the night...

42 squares so far! 200 and something to go!

I'm really liking the colour scheme so far. I've kept it true to the pattern, aside from the purple, which was black on the original pattern, but I didn't have any yarn to hand upon starting! The colour after the light pink, will be a richer darker pink, followed by another light band. It then continues in purple and is followed by the blues and greens. I also think I'm going to throw the odd yellow square in there occasionally, just to brighten it up a little! Really chuffed though!

Also today, I wrapped my friend's birthday presents. The wrapping is nothing fancy or interesting, but I really liked the paper and wanted to share it!

The paper is bright yellow and features giant floral prints, in a variety of colours. I bought it for £3 in my local Clinton Cards, but for some reason it isn't on the website yet. However, you can check out some of Clinton's stuff here. I could spend hours in that shop...I'm addicted to gift wrapping! Anyway, my friend loved them and that makes me really happy!

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