Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I Just Bought...

Just come off eBay, and, having purchased the bits I need for my next project.

I'm slowly coming to the end of my pink zebra (which means I'm halfway through the legs and needed a light at the end of the tunnel) so thought I would at least get the yarn for the giraffe ordered, so that I can crack straight on with that when this is finished.

Also, my pink buttons, for the zebra's legs, arrived today!

1.5" bright pink buttons!

I purchased my buttons from Holmecraft, on eBay, at just £2.50 for 4. I'm so pleased with them, that I've just ordered an identical set to use on the giraffe, along with the yellow and orange Sirdar Snowflake that I will be using. I'd highly recommend Holmecraft as a store to check out though; a massive selection of buttons and other haberdashery items, to suit every need.

Watch this space though; two zebra legs done, two to go!

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