Saturday, 31 March 2012

Happy Birthday Emma!

Just wanted to wish my darling friend Emma, a very happy 21st birthday! It was actually her birthday yesterday, but for obvious reasons I couldn't post these pictures up at the time!

I bought her a selection of purple; classic me to actually colour theme everything, but I can't help it! Here is how her presents looked prior to wrapping...

Emma's unwrapped presents

I gave her a selection of things; an orchid I bought last week (you'll see the blooms in the next picture), a really yummy smelling candle, a purple necklace, and one of my photographic prints that she's had her eye on for over a year!

Finished wrapping!

I used my gorgeous Clinton Cards wrapping paper again, and bought a matching bag for the candle and necklace. Filled the bag and orchid pot with shredded pink tissue paper and put even more flowers on the wrapping paper! I'm happy with the outcome though, and Emma really liked her presents!

In crochet news; yesterday afternoon I finally finished making all of the pieces for the zebra. So this afternoon, or this evening at work, I will be stitching it all together. Hopefully, by tomorrow morning, you will be seeing a completed pink zebra! After that, I am going to do a couple more rounds on the blanket, and get started on the zebra's friend; a fluffy giraffe.

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