Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Getting Somewhere!

I seem to have acquired quite a taste for this blanket making lark! I thoroughly enjoyed myself at work last night; yes, I enjoyed myself at work. It was a stupidly quiet shift, so I basically spent my entire night listening to music and working on the blanket! I've taken some progress shots to share; please excuse the bizarre colouring...the light on night shifts is a bit dim...

My bag of tricks!

Don't worry, that's not a whole bag of yarn; there's some DVDs under there too. But yes, this is what I set off with last night, as my evening's entertainment!


This is how everything was looking at about 23:00. I started from the first green square when I arrived at work, so this is 2hrs of crochet, interrupted by tending to my patient!


One hour later, at midnight, I had added some more red squares to one side. I then started bargaining with myself on Twitter: "1) Finish another blanket square, 2) Make a coffee, 3) Finish another blanket square, 4) Drink coffee". It worked!


This is where I am currently up to. Now, I know it doesn't look like I did very much in 5hrs, but I was working, and also spent most of that time stitching all of the pieces together, and weaving the ends in, to tidy it up a bit! It's a bit of a nightmare trying to crochet with strands of yarn flying everywhere, so I'm sure you can all sympathise!

...and I thought I'd treat you to a slight closeup, taken on my phone so please excuse the quality. Like I've already said; the colours have come up really funny. The red is actually postbox red, the green is a nice lime colour, and the purple is actually pretty accurate. The next row, around the red, will be another of purple, before the pattern branches off into other colours, which I'm looking forward to!

Anyway that's my progress so far!

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