Friday, 23 March 2012

Dusty Day

I just wanted to share my latest photograph with you all, because I'm really proud of it and think it's one of my best! Maybe I'm wrong; I like it though...

I came across this little guy in a Tulip, at my Grandparents' house this morning. I'd visited specifically to photograph their flowers, at their request, and I was so pleased to find this ladybird sitting in one of the blooms, completely covered in pollen!

Really like the colours in this one; it's so sunny and warm! And it's so great having flowers to photograph again! I'll be getting my camera out again soon, as today I bought my first ever Bonsai tree!

Please excuse the crumby phone picture!

I've wanted one ever since I was a child, and for some reason never got one! But today I saw this little beauty and had to buy it. It's yet to receive a name, but I've had loads of suggestions from friends on Facebook; some of which are quite funny! I'm kind of liking "Chiisai", which is Japanese for "small". We shall see!

In crochet related news; I've finished 5 more squares on my blanket this evening, and bought a couple of new balls of yarn this afternoon too, which I will make some squares out of soon! In addition to this, my new ball of pink Sirdar Snowflake has arrived, so I can crack on with the zebra again and get it finished...I'm such a hideously slow's shameful. Anyway, hope you like the ladybird photo! For more of my work, please visit my website!

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