Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Delivering Maggi

Yesterday I took a trip to Parkstone, in Poole, to deliver one of my favourite pieces I've ever made, to my dear friend and colleague, Jo. I finished the ami about a month ago, but have only just been able to get it to her, due to a mixture of being ill and us both working insane shifts! So yesterday, I decided to do something different and catch the train to go and visit her.

Dorchester South Station 

I caught the 10:13 train to Parkstone, and arrived at around 10:44. I absolutely loved the journey! Made such a nice change to travel somewhere and not drive! Driving is a real love of mine, but because I travel anything between 800-1000 miles every month for work alone, it was really nice to sit back and be taken somewhere! Plus, the station is right next to Jo's house; even better!

Poole harbour

I was delivering the doll by Lydia Tresselt, that I was working on after Christmas. I didn't upload pictures sooner, because Jo sometimes has a look on here, and I didn't want her seeing Maggi before I got a chance to give it to her! So for those that haven't seen on Facebook; here is Maggi...


Jo absolutely loved her, and gave me a bottle of home brewed Aromatic and Green Tea wine, which I have given to my parents (I don't drink alcohol, and I'm allergic to green tea, so the combination isn't so good for me!).

I know it's Treasury Tuesday and I haven't given you all a selection of pretties to look at yet, but I am about to head out to the cinema to see Woman In Black, with one of my best friends. Sooo, I will scour Etsy when I get home, and you can indulge this evening! Have a good afternoon!

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