Saturday, 31 March 2012

Happy Birthday Emma!

Just wanted to wish my darling friend Emma, a very happy 21st birthday! It was actually her birthday yesterday, but for obvious reasons I couldn't post these pictures up at the time!

I bought her a selection of purple; classic me to actually colour theme everything, but I can't help it! Here is how her presents looked prior to wrapping...

Emma's unwrapped presents

I gave her a selection of things; an orchid I bought last week (you'll see the blooms in the next picture), a really yummy smelling candle, a purple necklace, and one of my photographic prints that she's had her eye on for over a year!

Finished wrapping!

I used my gorgeous Clinton Cards wrapping paper again, and bought a matching bag for the candle and necklace. Filled the bag and orchid pot with shredded pink tissue paper and put even more flowers on the wrapping paper! I'm happy with the outcome though, and Emma really liked her presents!

In crochet news; yesterday afternoon I finally finished making all of the pieces for the zebra. So this afternoon, or this evening at work, I will be stitching it all together. Hopefully, by tomorrow morning, you will be seeing a completed pink zebra! After that, I am going to do a couple more rounds on the blanket, and get started on the zebra's friend; a fluffy giraffe.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Say It With Flowers

I'm sorry I'm posting this a day late! I had a really hectic day yesterday, and my treasury list completely slipped my mind until I got to work at 9pm! So here we go; I thought I'd treat you all to some pretty pink flowers!

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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Progress and Gift Wrap

I've done a lot more work to my blanket today! It's really starting to take shape, and I'm really pleased with the outcome so far! Here is how it is looking this evening, upon finishing for the night...

42 squares so far! 200 and something to go!

I'm really liking the colour scheme so far. I've kept it true to the pattern, aside from the purple, which was black on the original pattern, but I didn't have any yarn to hand upon starting! The colour after the light pink, will be a richer darker pink, followed by another light band. It then continues in purple and is followed by the blues and greens. I also think I'm going to throw the odd yellow square in there occasionally, just to brighten it up a little! Really chuffed though!

Also today, I wrapped my friend's birthday presents. The wrapping is nothing fancy or interesting, but I really liked the paper and wanted to share it!

The paper is bright yellow and features giant floral prints, in a variety of colours. I bought it for £3 in my local Clinton Cards, but for some reason it isn't on the website yet. However, you can check out some of Clinton's stuff here. I could spend hours in that shop...I'm addicted to gift wrapping! Anyway, my friend loved them and that makes me really happy!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Dusty Day

I just wanted to share my latest photograph with you all, because I'm really proud of it and think it's one of my best! Maybe I'm wrong; I like it though...

I came across this little guy in a Tulip, at my Grandparents' house this morning. I'd visited specifically to photograph their flowers, at their request, and I was so pleased to find this ladybird sitting in one of the blooms, completely covered in pollen!

Really like the colours in this one; it's so sunny and warm! And it's so great having flowers to photograph again! I'll be getting my camera out again soon, as today I bought my first ever Bonsai tree!

Please excuse the crumby phone picture!

I've wanted one ever since I was a child, and for some reason never got one! But today I saw this little beauty and had to buy it. It's yet to receive a name, but I've had loads of suggestions from friends on Facebook; some of which are quite funny! I'm kind of liking "Chiisai", which is Japanese for "small". We shall see!

In crochet related news; I've finished 5 more squares on my blanket this evening, and bought a couple of new balls of yarn this afternoon too, which I will make some squares out of soon! In addition to this, my new ball of pink Sirdar Snowflake has arrived, so I can crack on with the zebra again and get it finished...I'm such a hideously slow's shameful. Anyway, hope you like the ladybird photo! For more of my work, please visit my website!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Getting Somewhere!

I seem to have acquired quite a taste for this blanket making lark! I thoroughly enjoyed myself at work last night; yes, I enjoyed myself at work. It was a stupidly quiet shift, so I basically spent my entire night listening to music and working on the blanket! I've taken some progress shots to share; please excuse the bizarre colouring...the light on night shifts is a bit dim...

My bag of tricks!

Don't worry, that's not a whole bag of yarn; there's some DVDs under there too. But yes, this is what I set off with last night, as my evening's entertainment!


This is how everything was looking at about 23:00. I started from the first green square when I arrived at work, so this is 2hrs of crochet, interrupted by tending to my patient!


One hour later, at midnight, I had added some more red squares to one side. I then started bargaining with myself on Twitter: "1) Finish another blanket square, 2) Make a coffee, 3) Finish another blanket square, 4) Drink coffee". It worked!


This is where I am currently up to. Now, I know it doesn't look like I did very much in 5hrs, but I was working, and also spent most of that time stitching all of the pieces together, and weaving the ends in, to tidy it up a bit! It's a bit of a nightmare trying to crochet with strands of yarn flying everywhere, so I'm sure you can all sympathise!

...and I thought I'd treat you to a slight closeup, taken on my phone so please excuse the quality. Like I've already said; the colours have come up really funny. The red is actually postbox red, the green is a nice lime colour, and the purple is actually pretty accurate. The next row, around the red, will be another of purple, before the pattern branches off into other colours, which I'm looking forward to!

Anyway that's my progress so far!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

For Max

Becky and Max

My best friend's beloved cat, Max, has unfortunately passed away at the grand old age of 19. So I thought I would share some crocheted cats with you all, in his memory. RIP Max =(

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Monday, 19 March 2012

Teacup Lane

Thank goodness for this very useful blog post!

As I said in my last post, I started work on the Sunshine and Shadow Throw from the Melody Griffiths book I bought. I actually started it again this evening, because I'd gauged it too tightly (way too used to tiny stitches in amigurumi!) and I'm much happier with the outcome.

Reworked centre square

I then had a slight problem with working out how to attach the next squares. Now reading back over the pattern, it was entirely me being a complete idiot and misreading things (I blame tiredness) but I got super confused. I managed to find Teacup Lane through some pictures of a finished throw on Ravelry, and found the blog owner, Sandy, had some really decent images and descriptions on the entry. As soon as I saw her pictures and compared it back to the pattern, it immediately clicked and I worked out what I'd done wrong.

So, a massive thank you to Sandy and your fabulous skills!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

I ♥ Spring

Last night I started work on a blanket from the book I bought last month! Mainly, because I was imminently about to run out of pink Sirdar Snowflake, and am having to wait while a new ball arrives, but also because it's something I can pick up and put down between projects!

The centre square!

The squares are only a couple of inches, so they're a lot smaller than I expected. I'm still happy with my progress so far though (there is also a red square attached now). I was nice working on something completely different, as well!

The drive home from work this morning, greeted with beautiful spring sunshine and mist. One thing I adore about working night shifts, is the stunning sunrises and nature I get to see in the mornings, on my drive home. This morning was particularly beautiful, and I was gutted that I didn't have my DSLR on me, to take some decent photos!

The River Stour, at about 7am

Frosty spiderwebs are so pretty!

The light is amazing at this time of day

I so enjoy driving home in such a beautiful area. Now I'm going to sit and eat a bacon sandwich, drink some tea, and go to bed for the day. Night all!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Twit Twoo

I put my beautiful new duvet cover on my bed yesterday, which coupled with my owl cushions looked fab!

I'm completely obsessed with the owl cushions by Sass & Belle and currently have four of them (my brother bought me my fourth yesterday). I'm hoping to have them as sofa cushions when I move out; just think they're fab!

I love Sass & Belle; their gifts and other items are absolutely divine; a must for any shabby chic fan!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fat Face & Me

I just stumbled upon the most adorable amigurumi website, called Fat Face & Me! Loads of really sweet amigurumi creations, both own patterns and those from other creators, made by Xuan Nguyen and photographed by Kham Tran. It's all so cute!

Bubble Leg Monster

The blog itself was only set up at the start of this year, but I think it's got loads of potential and I will definitely be checking back in regularly to see what new pictures and patterns have been added! It's really worth a look if you've got a minute; if not for the crochet, but for the lovely photography!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Misty Stones

Despite my lovely happy super sunny Etsy Treasury that I posted earlier today, the weather has been rubbish and we have had fog all day in Dorset! I did go out anyway though and took some photos at Chesil Beach, in Abbotsbury ^^

I played around with filters and long exposures, which I am completely obsessed with in the last year or so! This isn't the best photograph I've ever taken, but there is something about it that I really like. I think it's the muted colours. Anyway, all of the blue is's just ghosted with the exposure. To also give you an idea of the general crappiness of today's weather...

Oooh moody. I do like this, although I kinda wish there was more going on with the sky. However, the fog blanked everything out, so this is how it was really!

Picnic Weather

I thought we could all go for a picnic today! But low and behold, I look out of the window, and it's cloudy. This should still cheer us up and hopefully encourage some nicer weather though!

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Friday, 9 March 2012


Today I have added three more pages to my scrapbook! I'm still so behind; currently adding pages from June 2011, but I'm determined to catch up with myself!


This page is dedicated to a gig, my brother's band played at the end of May. It was a charity event, to raise money for the local football club. You can find out more about the band on their Facebook page - FrontToBack ^^


Next up, a trip to Portland Bill. I started experimenting with long exposure photography, on this day, and took a further three or four trips down to the Bill afterwards (those will be added in due course!). I like this page though; I don't often add large lettering, but it worked here.


Another trip to Portland; this time I was a lot more successful in my photographs, and took two that I absolutely love. I do need to go online and get myself some more embellishments. I have loads, but future pages are themed around holidays, roadtrips, and other stuff, so I need to get something that isn't flowers, to decorate my pages with!

Anyway, I really enjoyed myself. Now I have 3 nights to work, followed by another 5 days off; during which I hope to finish my zebra (she says...) and do some more scrapbooking.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I Just Bought...

Just come off eBay, and, having purchased the bits I need for my next project.

I'm slowly coming to the end of my pink zebra (which means I'm halfway through the legs and needed a light at the end of the tunnel) so thought I would at least get the yarn for the giraffe ordered, so that I can crack straight on with that when this is finished.

Also, my pink buttons, for the zebra's legs, arrived today!

1.5" bright pink buttons!

I purchased my buttons from Holmecraft, on eBay, at just £2.50 for 4. I'm so pleased with them, that I've just ordered an identical set to use on the giraffe, along with the yellow and orange Sirdar Snowflake that I will be using. I'd highly recommend Holmecraft as a store to check out though; a massive selection of buttons and other haberdashery items, to suit every need.

Watch this space though; two zebra legs done, two to go!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Home Remedies

Treasury Tuesday, and today I am showing off a selection of cup/mug warmers!

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Delivering Maggi

Yesterday I took a trip to Parkstone, in Poole, to deliver one of my favourite pieces I've ever made, to my dear friend and colleague, Jo. I finished the ami about a month ago, but have only just been able to get it to her, due to a mixture of being ill and us both working insane shifts! So yesterday, I decided to do something different and catch the train to go and visit her.

Dorchester South Station 

I caught the 10:13 train to Parkstone, and arrived at around 10:44. I absolutely loved the journey! Made such a nice change to travel somewhere and not drive! Driving is a real love of mine, but because I travel anything between 800-1000 miles every month for work alone, it was really nice to sit back and be taken somewhere! Plus, the station is right next to Jo's house; even better!

Poole harbour

I was delivering the doll by Lydia Tresselt, that I was working on after Christmas. I didn't upload pictures sooner, because Jo sometimes has a look on here, and I didn't want her seeing Maggi before I got a chance to give it to her! So for those that haven't seen on Facebook; here is Maggi...


Jo absolutely loved her, and gave me a bottle of home brewed Aromatic and Green Tea wine, which I have given to my parents (I don't drink alcohol, and I'm allergic to green tea, so the combination isn't so good for me!).

I know it's Treasury Tuesday and I haven't given you all a selection of pretties to look at yet, but I am about to head out to the cinema to see Woman In Black, with one of my best friends. Sooo, I will scour Etsy when I get home, and you can indulge this evening! Have a good afternoon!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Welcome March

Just want to say a very warm welcome to the wonderful month of March! Where flowers start blooming, trees start coming back to life, and the sun gets it's warmth back.

I went out into my garden this afternoon, once I had woken up after work, and came across about 40 ladybirds, all basking in the sun on one of our bushes! Such an amazing sight! This is my favourite picture; it makes me laugh!

I didn't position the ladybirds! I was sat watching them for ages, and they ended up climbing on top of each other. I just love this time of year, when everything starts coming back! Hopefully soon, we will be able to wake up our tortoise from hibernation, and he can go back to living in the garden; fingers crossed that the beautiful weather from today, continues!

In other news, I have just added a load of photos of some of my past-projects to my Facebook page and given it the new timeline theme, that pages are getting in the next week or so. I've linked to every pattern I've used in those pics, so if you're interested in making any of them, it's easy to do so!