Monday, 20 February 2012

New Book

I bought that book that I mentioned back on the 10th February!

I've not been well...please excuse me looking a little sickly and diseased!

I had a chance to flick through it earlier and I'm in love with a couple of the patterns! Aside from the one on the front cover, which I am even more in love with now, I have decided that I'd really like to try my hand at the Crazy Patchwork Throw and also the Aran Style Throw (which actually looks like a giant wooly jumper!). There are loads of ideas inside though, so I'm definitely going to have a go when I get through my ever growing list of amigurumi presents!

Any tips on blanket/afghan making would be much appreciated! I've not done it for years, and even then it was never anything technical...just spirals haha!

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