Friday, 17 February 2012

New Baby!

My neighbour has just had a baby girl, and I want to make a couple of things for her (when I will have time, I have no idea, but I want to at least give them something!).

I've just been drooling over some of the adorable baby patterns on Ravelry and came across this little gem!!

© Vendula Maderska

I am absolutely in love! She's got some other colours and styles on the pattern page, but I really fell for this one. The combination of colours is divine, and the flower appliques are a lovely addition. I then had to look up some of Vendula's other patterns, and was wow-ed by them all! Such a wonderful selection, brimming with variety and colour. Exactly the kind of patterns I enjoy working on!

© Vendula Maderska

I love her use of buttons, stitching and other embellishments. For example, her beading and even the little ribbon have really brought this applique to life! And you could make it in so many different colours...the possibilities are endless! I definitely think she will become a firm favourite of mine, in the future!

I also found these really cute Mary Janes, which I thought would compliment the cardigan nicely...

© Elizabeth Alan

I found these on Elizabeth Alan's Ravelry page, and again, fell in love. They'd be super quick to make as well, which is an added bonus! Check out her page for a huge selection of baby booties, and other goodies!

Something else, for a bit of fun, by Olesya Pronyaeva!

© Olesya Pronyaeva

I'm addicted to owls; I absolutely love them! I simply have to make something owl themed for baby, whether it matches anything else or not!

And finally, continuing the owl theme...

© Tamara Gaal

How amazing are these! Tamara has some wicked owl patterns on her page! Again, I fell for all of it; I'm a complete sucker for anything cute!

So basically, I'm spoilt for choice. I would definitely suggest checking out all of the designers I've mentioned, because they're all extremely talented, and I'm more than a bit jealous of their awesome skills! I'm really looking forward to making the cardigan; mainly because I've never made any item of clothing before. So I'm a mixture of excited and apprehensive about how that one may turn out! It could go either way!


  1. Oh ... thank you very much ♥ I am really moved and happy you like my work:-) Vendula

    1. No problem at all! Really beautiful <3

  2. Thank you very much!!!

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