Saturday, 11 February 2012

Muffins ♥

I've had a pretty cool day today. I went into town this morning, mainly because I needed to get some new tyres for my car, and had an hour and a half to kill while I was waiting for them to be fitted.

I wandered around Dorchester for about 15mins, got bored, and called my Dad to see if he would come and join me, which he thankfully did! We decided to go for a drink, and went to Starbucks...

£2.95 of absolute bliss!

I bought my Dad a tea, and I indulged in a caramel hot chocolate, which was absolutely delicious! Hadn't had one since I worked for M&Co, so it was a nice treat.

Got home, and this afternoon, I have done some baking. Now, I will openly admit to not being the most confident cake baker in the world. For some reason, everything I make looks awesome until I take it out of the oven, and then it sinks and goes all rubbish. However, I have discovered that I make pretty fantastic white chocolate, lemon, and raspberry muffins.

I bought Muffins Galore last year and love the recipes in it! The instructions are fantastic for an idiot like me as well, so that's an added bonus!

Raspberries, white chocolate and lemon zest

There is something about seeing raw ingredients in a bowl, that is so appealing. I'm the biggest raspberry addict ever, so I used 150g instead of the 100g required in the recipe. Just 20mins later, I was left with...

Beautiful juicy muffins!

Managed to get about 20 out of the mixture, which is good. Bearing in mind the mixture was supposed to make 12...although I was using cupcake cases instead of muffin ones, so that probably had something to do with it!

Not quite sure what my hair is doing...but a proud chef, all the same!

I'm really pleased with my creations! I'm taking them to work with me tonight, as I am working on a double up shift with one of my dear friends, and we are going to have a "picnic". My other contribution is a giant bag of cheese Doritos, which I did not make myself.

Anyone interested in baking muffins, definitely check out that book though. There is everything from sweet to savoury. I'm particularly intrigued by the sound of Pizza Muffins. Maybe I'll experiment next time I have a few days off.

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