Friday, 3 February 2012

Find Me On Facebook!

Today, I have finally had a day off, which has finally given me some time to work on getting this place together, and looking fabulous! I think I've succeeded, with the help of a fantastic website; Shabby Blogs.

So now we are looking awesome, it is time to branch out a little further and introduce you to my new Facebook Page, which I have created to compliment this place a little! If you could invite your friends to join, it'd be amazing. I'd really appreciate the support, so that I can start organising swaps and contests etc, which is the main reason i put together this blog in the first place!


Just click on the icon above, or on the left bar of my page to redirect to my Facebook page! Alternatively, click the Twitter icon, and you will find yourself plunged into my bizarre world of night shifts and rambling. Whatever floats your boat, really!

Obviously, the page on Facebook is still in it's early stages. I am going to add as much as I can tonight, but it'll be a case of checking back for a little while. Thanks for your patience!

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